Asics illustrates stress-reducing power of exercise

November 30, 2023

Their breaths then take on a different rhythm and feel as the ad transitions to showing the women exercising. Running, playing tennis, practising yoga, they appear to find a sense of peace from their everyday burdens.

Creatively led by director Amy Becker Burnett and photographer Wendy Huynh, the campaign is now live across Europe, the US and Asia.

It was created in response to Asics 2022 State of Mind Index, which demonstrated a positive link between movement and wellbeing. It also revealed that women exercise for 40 minutes less than men on average per week.

Helen James, chief executive, Europe, at CPB and founder of WMN, said: “We wanted to highlight that there’s a virtuous circle to be uncovered here: when you carve out time for yourself and exercise, when you breathe deeply and calmly, the weight of your seemingly endless To Do list lessens, and your stress levels fall.”

WMN was launched this month to shake up the ways that brands communicate with women.

Gary Raucher, executive vice president at Asics EMEA, added: “We know that stress and anxiety levels continue to rise, but we also know exercise can help. Yet our own research shows that women don’t exercise as much as men and that negatively impacts their State of Mind scores. We need to change that.”