DFS has some unexpected answers to the question ‘What’s your thing?’

November 30, 2023

Is 'thingspiration' a word? It is now! A portmanteau of 'thing' and—you guessed it—'inspiration', the word appears before a woman crippled by choice paralysis. DFS want to cut through the noise and deliver her dream sofa... they just need to suss out what her 'thing' is.

Through the power of imagination (and a handsome VFX budget), the woman is transported to a world full of potential colours, vibes, and materials. "Does beige give you butterflies?" asks the narrator, followed by: "Does corduroy give you joy?" The answer is no on both counts, but that's OK.

As the film treats us to a Battenberg cake filled with sofas (not a recipe for success on The Great British Bake-Off) and a pillow fort worthy of a queen, the protagonist towers over a field of sofas. There's a lovely transition from fantasy to reality here, as her giant hand places the couch in her living room.