Football ace Kylian Mbappe gets ‘microsized’ for Nike’s Instagram takeover

November 30, 2023

Nike is thinking small for its latest football campaign – a hyper-energetic takeover of its Instagram page by a lilliputian avatar of French footballer Kylian Mbappe.

The pint-sized Lil Mbappe takes center stage of the sports brand’s social media account, inviting anyone who sends a direct message to ‘Engage their Mbappe Mode’ through a week-long selection of fun challenges.

The hi-tech process saw the real-life Paris Saint-Germain forward step inside a fictional full-body scanner, replicating his physique, personality and appearance within a Tom Thumb-style animated chatbot.

In a statement, creative agency Wieden+Kennedy wrote: “This campaign used the channels where kids already are to encourage them to move and play. The format of the campaign is made to also be disruptive and creative, expanding the limits of how brands can communicate with their audiences and bring people’s favorite celebrities closer to them.”