Ikea courts savvy shoppers with a celebration of thriftiness

November 30, 2023

Ikea is courting penny-wise shoppers with an appeal to our innate love of a bargain as it prioritizes affordability to win custom.

Contrasting the moments of joy that come with snagging a bargain over unseemly extravagance, the Swedish flat-pack pioneer is adapting to austere times by positioning itself as a safe harbor in the cost of living crisis.

Placing Ikea’s product range front and center, the campaign by Mother illustrates how you don’t have to break the bank to kit out your home, with a variety of cost-effective furnishings and furniture available for those on a budget.

Conveying this from the perspective of one father, the ad shows the proud dad flaunting his blinged-up home with the confidence of a high roller, only to reveal that it’s been fitted out in cost-effective and practical Ikea products, not designer sofas.

Sarah Green, country marketing manager at Ikea UK & Ireland, said: “The campaign is rooted in the insight that we can get as much joy when being savvy, as we do from being extravagant. We want to showcase the different ways that we can support people to embrace thriftiness and help them live richer lives by making smart choices. Not just through our range of savvy products, but also through our solutions, home furnishing expertise and services.”

11 short ’savvy checks’ launched across the UK and Ireland showcasing different products ranging from an air purifier to a table lamp, extending through television, online, cinema and social.

The cost-focused campaign follows a UAE print push illustrating how Ikea has banished inflation since 2020.