LBB: Stay Protected from the Elements in Outdoor Brand Woolrich's Spot

November 30, 2023

Stay Protected from the Elements in Outdoor Brand Woolrich's Spot

With almost 200 years of history in making clothes that help people brave the elements, Woolrich is taking that concept further and courting a new generation of lovers of the outdoors with its new Fall/Winter 21 campaign. The 'Outdoor Progressives' are those who brave the woods or a morning commute with the same determination and perception of what needs protection: the things you love the most.

Created with partner agency 72andSunny Amsterdam, the campaign portrayed real couples who share the universal idea of 'Protecting the things you love'. In a long-form film shot in NYC, we follow a couple from the woods into the city, braving the elements as they move. From one environment to another, the need to protect what they love is always there such as their favourite flowers or the weekly dry cleaning—Woolrich equips you to venture outside with confidence. With an aesthetic that mixes street photography and fashion, iconic NYC native filmmaker and photographer Cheryl Dunn, captures authentic and relatable emotions, with a touch of storytelling.

To protect the authenticity of the concept, two long time NYC couples were cast: conceptual food artist Laila Gohar and chef Ignacio Mattos; Cynthia Cervantes is a fashion producer, and her husband Travis Gumbs is a photographer and creative consultant.

Born in Egypt, Laila Gohar is a conceptual food artist, exploring the nature of human interaction by creating convivial, multi-sensory edible events. Her partner Ignacio Mattos is a Uruguay-born chef, co-founder of Cafe Altro, Estela restaurants, and Flora Bar in NYC. His cooking draws from a variety of influences, one being the years spent on his grandfather's farm in Montevideo or growing up with his Italian grandmother's cooking. Together, they share their lives in NYC and their passion for food as a place to express memories, experiences, and emotions.

Cynthia Cervantes is a fashion producer and art director – Travis Gumbs is a photographer and creative consultant, who enjoy married life in NYC. More than being uniquely distinct, they're talented within their fields, engaged, and connected with their community. The couple runs a creative studio together, as well as a magazine called Maroon World which serves to promote communities of colour and show the similarities that exist among cultures.

Both selected locations and the visual elements picked are special to each of them: from the neighbourhood they have affection for, the things they love, and the moments they enjoy. Instead of having to get our talents to act, Woolrich captured their personalities authentically. To celebrate their stories and individual expression the brand coupled that dynamic energy with the versatility, functionality, and durability of the Fall/Winter 2021 collection.