Shots: Camila Zapiola teaches some New Tricks for Dulux

November 30, 2023

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but that's just what the team at agency

BBH London asked director Camila Zapiola to do.

This is not your average cameo appearance for the Dulux dog, which is normally a walk-on in the glossy walled pack shot.

This time the much-loved brand mascot has to do far more than just look good and in this shaggy dog story which. Bold's Zapiola crafted with her signature humour, we follow our furry hero through the family home receiving a make over in time for spring.

As the home is refreshed our hero rejuvenates from a snoozy start to an energised and playful finish, including hitching a ride on a skateboard. Yes dogs can ride skateboards and not just on YouTube.